We create spACE
for action.

The Trilogy of Management by
spACE for action

Analysis is an important prerequisite of action. It is no substitute for action, and analysis without action or implementation remains mere analysis and is often seen as irritating sophistry. Most individuals, by the time they reach maturity, have built up an array of concepts which they use to interpret the data they observe. Many of these concepts are not part of our conscious awareness. In order to avoid breakdowns in organizational communication the analytical task of the manager is:

  • To identify the key variables in the relationship between people, power and politics;
  • To predict the probable outcomes of any changes in the variables;
  • To select the ones he or she can and should influence.

We analyze how you meet your present business and strategic goals by looking at them from various perspectives and offer a unique design of Human Resources Development and Strategic Deployment techniques to match.
Technical expertise has to be combined with human intelligence and communicative competence.

We help create competitive advantage through people by bridging the divides and bringing strategy to life for more effective work relationships across organizational boundaries.

We believe in building a close client relationship so that your business, industrial and management development needs are fully understood. We design organizational interventions to resolve current business issues and to encourage people at all levels of your company to sustain momentum in a learning organization and to ensure enhanced performance through personal motivation.

Our interventions are based on our trilogy and a sound understanding of both 'hard' and 'soft' factors to create what we call spACE for action and excellent performance.